Audi Bluetooth problems since iOS 11 - Tips for your iPhone

There may be problems with your iPhone after the update to iOS 11 with the Bluetooth connection to your Audi hands-free kit or the MMI. These are as follows: After starting the engine (or the ignition), the iPhone connects to the car, but the connection is then automatically disconnected after a certain time.

If this type of Bluetooth connection breakup also applies to your iPhone after updating to iOS 11, then you have the following options to connect you to the Audi handsfree again sensibly:

  1. Cancel the pairing in the Bluetooth settings of the iPhone - Reestablishes the connection between iPhone and Audi
  2. Check if the latest software is installed on the MMI of the Audi vehicle
  3. Reset the MMI of the Audi to factory settings
  4. Reset iPhone to factory defaults and try again

We hope that one of the mentioned tips has helped you to connect your iPhone even after the update to iOS 11 with an Audi vehicle via Bluetooth, without constantly disconnections to be expected.

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