Authentication error have occurred - you now have these options

If you log in to the W-Lan network of your router with your Android smartphone, the following message may appear on the display.

  • "Authentication error occurred"

This error can now appear right on your smartphone and usually has to do with a faulty configuration of your router, a new router in the neighborhood or your Android smartphone.

In the case of the above error, "Saved and Secured" appears on the display.

If this error description also applies to your smartphone, then we would like to give you the opportunity to fix this error.

  1. Restart the smartphone

First of all, you should always try to restart the smartphone. This often solves the problem in a simple way.

  1. Remove the wireless network

To do this, open the settings and then "Connections". Continue to "WLAN". Touch the three-point icon in the upper-right corner and click "Advanced" in the pop-up menu. Alternatively, the upper right is also "Advanced" depending on which version of Android you use.

You will now see the "Manage Networks" list. Select the entry to list all the Wi-Fi network you have set up. Now look for your W-Lan network, which is causing problems. Tap the network, and then click Remove in the pop-up.

You must then re-establish the connection. Finished!

  1. Enter the fixed SSID

It may be that in your neighborhood a new W-Lan network was established, which runs under the same SSID as your own. You can assign a new SSID in the settings of your router.

A tutorial on setting up SSIDs and the problem in general can be found here.

  1. Determine fixed W-Lan channel

Often W-Lan channels are superimposed. As a result, the performance per channel decreases and leads to problems such as the authentication error. In your router, specify a channel that is not full. You can find it, for example, via the app "Wi-Fi Analyzer".

  1. Authorize the MAC address

Last but not least, you can authorize the MAC address of your smartphone in the router so that it has permission to access the wireless connection.

The MAC address can be set in the router configuration menu.

We hope that our tips have helped you solve the problem with the "authentication error".

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