Backspace Page Back Disable Firefox Feature - Instructions

The Mozilla Firefox browser has a feature that is enabled by default and may bother you. We are talking about the back function via the backspace key on the keyboard. Unfortunately, it can happen quite often that you write text in an editor, for example, and press the backspace key to go back one page. The written text is then lost, of course.

For this reason, we now show you how to disable the backspace feature in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Please proceed as follows:

Please enter the following in the address bar of the Firefox browser:

  • about: config

Now confirm the security message and then look in the list for the following value:

  • browser.backspace_action

For this value, there are now various settings that affect the backspace button:

  • Value 0: When pressing the backspace key, a page is jumped back. (Default value)
  • Value 1: Pressing the backspace key jumps to the top of the website.
  • Value 2: or another value: This deactivates the function of the backspace button in Firefox

Now enter the number 2 and confirm with "Ok".

Then the Backspace button inside the Firefox browser is disabled.


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