BlackBerry Priv - Which Sim Card is needed? Solved!

The BlackBerry Priv is a chic smartphone and one of the first after a long time, which was offered as a slider phone. Thus, it could be an interesting affair among smartphone users again. Should you wish to buy the BlackBerry Priv, then please consider the theme Sim card.

Only with the correct Sim card size the device can be used to make phone calls and surf the Internet.

So what sim card requires the BlackBerry Priv?

The BlackBerry Priv uses a nano sim card.

The Nano Sim Card is the smallest format and used in almost all new smartphones in 2016. If your old smartphone, however uses another Sim Card size for example as Micro Sim Card or Standard then you have the following ways to come to a Nano Sim Card:

Option 1: Nano Sim Card Punching

With a Sim card punch you can easily punch from a standard or micro-SIM card a Nano SIM card. The templates are included. Such Sim Card Punching ca be bought for little money, for example on Amazon

Variant 2: Order Nano Sim Card at Mobile operator

Your mobile service provider sends you of course on demand also a Nano Sim card. This comes at a cost of about10-25 $ (depending on your network provider). Delivery is usually within 2- 5 working days.

You know now that Sim card format the new BlackBerry Priv needs and how you will receive a Nano Sim card for your phone so that it can be used.

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