BMW What coolant do you need – Tip

If you own a car of the BMW brand as a vehicle, then it can happen that suddenly a sign with an exclamation mark appears in the cockpit. This is a general warning sign. The exact warning can then be displayed via "Check Control".

In our article we would like to respond to the warning "coolant level too low". If this is displayed on your BMW, then comes as an indication that you should refill coolant at the next opportunity at a dealer.

However, it is possible to refill the coolant by your own. Here it is only important that you take a coolant that is suitable for BMW vehicles. Because not all coolants can be used in a BMW. Taking the wrong coolant can cause the water channels to become clogged.

Which coolant you should use, unfortunately cannot be found in the manual. Therefore, here is our assistance:

For all BMW vehicles from year >1975, the coolant is suitable:

Here, there are both the ready mix, as well as the version for mixing. With the variant for mixing it is important to know that the coolant must be mixed with distilled water in a ratio of 50:50!

Here you can the product (Amazon)

 You now know which coolant and which additive you need in a BMW.


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