Can I change the Amazon Echo activation word? Solved!

If you bought an Amazon echo and set it up in your home environment, then you might wonder whether you can change the activation command for Alexa. Why? Otherwise, anyone can activate the echo and execute voice commands via the known activation call "Alexa".

Is it possible to use an alternative activation password?

Yes, you can, but there is currently only 4 available voice commands for the awakening. A custom voice command cannot yet be added. Currently, the following language commands are available to wake up the Amazon Echo:

  • Alexa
  • Echo
  • Amazon
  • Computer

To change your activation word in the Alexa app proceed as follows:

  1. From the app menu, select "Settings" and then select your device
  2. Scroll down to "Activation Word"
  3. A drop-down menu appears - Select one of the activation words listed above.
  4. Save the setting with "Save". The light ring on your device flashes orange.


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