Cat S60 no longer responding - Display black - Solution

The Cat S60 is a great outdoor function with an integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera. But what good is the best smartphone if it doesn't work properly and doesn't respond to your input? In addition, the screen may turn black and the Power Button or any other button may not work.

If this is the case with your Cat S60, please don't panic. That's the solution:

Restart Cat S60 if it is no longer responding

Make sure that the Cat S60 is not connected to a charger.

Open the Sim card compartment on the back side

You see a small opening, this is the opening for the reset button

Take a paper clip and use it to press the reset button in the opening.

The Cat S60 will now start as usual and boot the Android operating system. The smartphone should then respond to your entries as usual. You now know what to do if the Cat S60 stops responding to your input or the display turns black when the unit is turned on.

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