Change Samsung Galaxy S6 standard video player

On the Samsung Galaxy S6 you can define an app as a default app within Android. For example: The video player can be chosen so that a video file is always played with the same video player app.
This Android feature is very useful, since you do not have to specify always with which app a video has to be played.

Samsung Galaxy S6

If you install now, however, a new video player, such as the VLC Player, then it may be that you now want this to be the new default video player on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

How to set a standard app, in our case the video player we would like to explain to you below:
Therefore open:

1. From the home screen open the Menu --> Settings

2. Tap here on "Applications" --> Default Applications

3. You now see the section "Clear Default values ​​". There the assigned default video player can be seen

4. Tap behind on "Delete" to disable this app as a default app on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Then open a video file and you will now be asked again on the Samsung Galaxy S6, with which app this file should be opened. Select here now the "VLC Player" and confirm the entry with "always".

The VLC player is therefore now set as the default app for video formats on your Samsung Galaxy S6. You know now how to disable a default app for a file format again and prove a new app.


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