Change WhatsApp ringtone for calls – solution

If you receive a call from a contact via WhatsApp, you will hear first your default ringtone. But if you want that calls over the mobile network and calls from WhatsApp use different ringtones, then you can change the ringtone of course.

That is why we show you here now how to change the ringtone for incoming calls in WhatsApp.

For this purpose, first open the app "WhatsApp" on your smartphone. In the overview tap at the top right on the three-point icon and then in the pop-up menu, click "Settings". In the following overview selects "Notifications".

Now scrolls all the way down to the section "Calls". Tap there on "Ringtone". This will now open a window where you can select a ringtone for WhatsApp calls from your ringtone collection. Have you selected a ringtone, this will now sound when a WhatsApp call on your Smartphone is received.

You know now how to change the ringtone for incoming WhatsApp calls.


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