Clash Royale - How do I change the clan? Solved

Within the game Clash Royale, you can quickly get up with the appropriate clan and win points, which then again strengthen your towers. If you have chosen a clan that does not meet your needs anymore, because the members do not share cards or demand too few card wishes, then you want to change the clan.

We can tell you how to change the Clan in Clash Royale. This is as follows:

Leave the old clan

  1. Open the app Clash Royale
  2. Tap the "Clan" icon (second from the right) - you will now see your clan name.
  3. Tap the small "i" to the right of the name
  4. You can now touch "Exit". Switch to new clan Tap the shield icon again, then go to the "Search" tab.

Tap Advanced Search to search for open clans. If you have found a suitable clan, where the card donations per week are high, you can join the clan by using "join". You now know how to change easily in Clash Royale into a new and hopefully effective clan.


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