Deactivate Samsung Galaxy Note 8 charging tone - Solved

Whenever you connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the charger and the smartphone is charged, a so-called charging tone sounds. The charge tone should clarify acoustically that the device is now charged.

If this charge tone bothers you when connecting to the charging cable, then you can disable it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as follows:

Mute the charge tone on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Open the App menu and then the settings
  2. Scroll down to "Tones and Vibration" and select this entry
  3. Now you will find in the section "System" the option: charging tone
  4. Deactivate these with the slider. Finished!

Now connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the charger, then no tone will sound anymore. You have disabled this successfully.

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