Delete .nomedia Files in Android – Solution

In Android you can hide by usage of a so-called ".nomedia" file entire folders, so that they cannot be displayed through the media scanner or gallery app files. If you have created such a .nomedia file within a folder, then this can now no longer be found or opened - because the folder is indeed invisible.

This is obviously inconvenient if you want to make it visible after a certain time. Should you no longer see a folder that was made invisible with a .nomedia file or if you want to delete the .nomedia file, then this article should help you.

Proceed as follows:

1. Download the following file Explorer from the Google Play Store for free: "ES File Explorer". This File Explorer makes it possible to delete .nomedia files on an Android smartphone.

2. After you have downloaded the app, open ES File Explorer on your Android smartphone.

3. Now draw from the left side the menu in the middle of the display. Scroll all the way down and tap on "Settings"

4. Select "Display Settings" and scroll down in the menu to "Show Hidden Files" in this menu. Enable the option by setting a hook into the checkbox. Done!

Now you see your created .nomedia files in the appropriate folders and can delete them easily. Your pictures will be displayed again on the Android smartphone in the gallery and the Video player app.

You know now how to visualize and then delete files with a "." on an Android smartphone.

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