Does the Nexus 6 have a notification LED - Solved

If you are thinking about to buy the new Google smartphone Nexus 6, maybe the question raises whether it has a notification LED. With a notification LED, you can quickly see what kind of notification on the smartphone is received. Whether it's a missed call, a new SMS message, a reminder of an appointment, the color of the notification LED shows you information about it.

Unfortunately, the function of the notification LED on the Nexus 6 can not be used. What does this mean?

This means that a notification LED is integrated, but can not be addressed by the software of the Nexus 6. Therefore, it is currently not possible to use the notification LED of the Nexus 6 without root rights. When the Nexus 6 is rooted and equipped with the app Lightflow, then it is possible to use the built-in-notification LED.

We unfortunately can not tell you why the Nexus 6 has a notification LED which is not usable. Perhaps a firmware for the Nexus 6 is released in the future, which makes it possible to use the LED.


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