Enable/ disable vibration for WhatsApp calls

When you receive a WhatsApp call on your smartphone, then the device will vibrate in addition to the ringtone. If you do not want that the smartphone vibrates when a contact calls via WhatsApp, then you can disable this vibration again.

In this article we will now explain to you how to disable in WhatsApp the vibration for incoming calls.

To do this, open the app "WhatsApp". Now tap in the overview on the three-point icon and in the menu that opens on "Settings". From here continue to "Notifications". At the end of the shot list you see the section "Calls". In this section you will find the option "Vibrate: Default". Tap on the item and then you can select "Off" in the next window. Finished!

From now on you if you receive on your smartphone WhatsApp calls, the device will not vibrate anymore.


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