Enable GPS tag for pictures on the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Solution

If you take pictures with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 it is possible to record your GPS position in the EXIF file. This so called GPS-Tag can later be read from the EXIF file and thus reproduce where the picture was taken. However, this GPS-Tag works with images taken by the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 only if the GPS module is enabled and GPS-Tag has been activated in the camera app.

We tell you now how the GPS tag for images taken by the built-in camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be enabled.

As first thing for that pull down the status bar and activate the GPS module by tapping the appropriate field.

Now you can open the Camera app. You see a small icon on the top left that looks like a gear. Tap on this to show further symbols. Here tap again on the gear icon.

A menu will pop up, which has three tabs. Change there to the tab on the right, which is again marked with a small gear. There you will now find the GPS-Tag. Tap on the entry and you can make your choice between "GPS-Tag ON" and "GPS Tag OFF". By default, the GPS tag is deactivated. Therefore, you have to set it to "On".

Done! If your now take a picture with your Samsung Galaxy S4 and with an active GPS connection, then the location coordinates are automatically saved in the EXIF file of the image. So you know now always where you have taken a picture with your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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