Enable Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Delivery Report for SMS - Tip

The delivery report and the receipt for SMS messages can be requested via the mobile service provider free of charge for each sent text message. This will work automatically if the correct setting is enabled on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Here's how to enable SMS delivery reports in Android.

The delivery report informs you that an SMS has arrived successfully on the receiving device. It is not equivalent to a reading report!

To activate SMS receipt confirmation on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, follow these steps:

  1. From the start screen, open the "Messages" app via which SMS can be sent
  2. In the overview, please select the three-dot symbol in the top right corner and then "Settings"
  3. Then navigate to: Additional Settings --> SMS
  4. Activate the option "delivery reports"

If you now send an SMS, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt from your mobile phone operator immediately afterward or when the contact is back. You now know how to enable delivery reports on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

If you are wondering if this is possible later, you will find the answer here.


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