Fake call - What is it and how does it work?

Anyone who has ever heard of the term "fake call" may wonder what it is about. Who is deceived and how does such a call actually work? This is what we would like to explain to you in this article.

A fake call is supposed to pretend a call that does not actually exist. This means that your smartphone rings, even though nobody calls you. Such a call is actually always controlled by an app. Depending on how professional the app is, you can set different scenarios here. For example, a call can be made at a fixed time, or even when you press a specific key on your smartphone. Even a voice recording can be played back when the call is accepted.

Why the whole thing?

You can easily get rid of an unpleasant situation with an apology.

For example, if you are squeezed by an aunt or uncle over your private life at a family celebration, a bluffing call can get you out of this situation quickly and easily. The smartphone rings and then as an excuse to your relative it can be said: "It is important, I am short outside". So you have liberated yourself politely and uncomplicatedly from an unpleasant situation.

Where can I find matching apps for my smartphone?

In Google Play Store, you'll find loads of apps that offer such a feature for your smartphone

  • App suggestion for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.popularapp.fakecall&hl=en
  • App suggestion for iPhone


You now know what a fake call is, what this is good for and how to use it yourself.

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