FitBit Blaze stops responding - instructions for restart

If you have a fitness tracker "FitBit Blaze" and the display no longer responds to inputs, pressing the buttons no action is performed or your steps etc. are no longer counted correctly , then you should perform a soft reset.

How it works with the FitBit Blaze is explained in the following Quick Start Guide:

FitBit Blaze Restart when display frozen:

  1. Hold down the following key combination for at least 10 seconds:
  • Back button (bottom left)
  • Selection button (bottom right)
  1. Then the FitBit logo will now be shown on the display.
  2. Now release the buttons - your FitBit Blaze should now reboot and then work as normal again.

You now know what to do when the FitBit Blaze stops responding to your input.


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