FitBit Surge Bracelet broken - Replacement Tapes?

If you have a FitBit SurgeTracker to record your fitness data, it can happen after some time or intensive use that the bracelet is broken or looks not so beautiful. The question, which is now in the room: Are there replacement bracelets for the FitBit Surge? The answer to this is revealed to you here:

Unfortunately FitBit does not currently offer replacement straps for the FitBit Surge. So what can you do if your bracelet is broken?

  1. Contact Support for FitBit

According to the FitBit Forum, FitBit should be very talented when exchanging bracelets. So just ask the support and tell you that you need a new bracelet. Usually the treasure is then embroidered and you will get a replacement device (new) or a new bracelet. Whether the support is always so nice is we unfortunately do not know.

  1. Replacement Bracelet buy at Amazon

At Amazon, various replacement bracelets are offered for the FitBit Surge.

These are usually included, so you can easily change your FitBit Surge.

For which variant did you decide to change the FitBit Surge bracelet?


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