FitBit Surge Change Daily goal for the steps - solved

On the FitBit Surge, a certain number of steps is set as a daily goal. This number of steps may be too low or too high for your individual performance. Depending on your preference, you may want to adjust the daily goal for the step number on the FitBit Surge. How this works exactly, we want to explain below:

What you need is the FitBit app on a smartphone:

  1. Opens the app and selects the menu selection from the dashboard at the top left
  2. A menu opens - Select "Account" and then "Settings".
  3. You now see "Activity" in "Goals" slightly below the entry "Activity" - Select the entry
  4. Next, please type "steps" and then enter your daily goal for the step number
  5. Return to your dashboard and then synchronize your FitBit Surge with the app - Done!

Now you know how to easily adjust the day's goal in the steps at the FitBit Surge. We wish you lots of fun with this great fitness tracker! Stay athletic ;-)

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