Free offline Navi for Android smartphones

Anyone who owns a Android smartphone, certainly uses Google Maps for navigation. Unfortunately, navigation is only possible if you are online, what means, that you need an active Internet connection.

If you want now navigate abroad, it can sometimes be very expensive if you use a mobile data connection. That's why we want to present you here a free alternative, with which you can navigate with your Android smartphone offline.

The app is called "Navmii" and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store: Download Navmii

Navmii uses the map-data of "Open Street Maps". These maps are available from almost every country in the world and can be downloaded for free. Once Navmii is installed on your smartphone, you can begin the download of necessary maps so that they can then be used offline.

Opportunities you receive with Navmii:

  • voice-based navigation
  • alert when driving too fast
  • search by postcode, town and street
  • points of Interest
  • Navmii works with GPS and thus of course offline.

Disadvantages or bugs in Navmii:

  • listed arrival is often miscalculated
  • The search often finds street names and not places.
  • Especially abroad, (Be sure to coordinate in advance save) position will only be detected after a restart of the app.

We can recommend the App definitely, because it is a very good help to navigate offline with your smartphone. Especially on vacation, if you do not want to focus on navigation, but more on the countryside, this app is very good.

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