Gmail Add more email accounts - Solved

The Gmail app has received with the last update in addition to the material design another very useful feature. Gmail provides now the feature to add more e-mail accounts from othe providers. Previously it was only possible to use Gmail addresses with the app. Now e-mail addresses from other providers such as AOL, yahoo, etc. can be added and accessed via the Gmail app.

In this article we explain now how to add new e-mail accounts on an Android smartphone within the Gmail app.

First open Gmail on your Android smartphone. If you find yourself in the overview, tap on the top left icon with the three bars or wipe with the finger from the left edge of the screen to the center. In the now opened side menu scroll down and select "Settings". Here you can now select "Add Account" to add a new e-mail account to Gmail. After you've tapped the entry, you can choose between "Google Account" or "Personal (IMAP / POP)".

Select here "Personal (IMAP / POP)". You can now set up your e-mail address and Gmail will automatich retrieve the correct access point settings. Only your password for the email account is still needed. Then click "Next" and the new e-mail account is created within Gmail and can be used.

You now know how to add a new e-mail account on an Android smartphone within the Gmail app.

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