Google Chrome Cast - What can the new device better than the old one?

Google has recently launched its new streaming "Chromecast" Stick, which has now a round, instead of a square design. This is at first sight the only innovation of the device, but of course, the change is under the "hood".

Because the hardware of the Google Chromecast in the new variant has evolved. So the built-in Wi-Fi module, which was the bottleneck of the old Chromecast, become much better. The new Wi-Fi module uses the standard 802.11ac Dual Band and frequencies from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. This allows the new Google Chromecast to stream movies and Videos much faster, with better quality and smooth transmission on the TV at home.

In addition, the new Chromecast offers the possibility to use Games Apps and the phone as a controller. This is especially an important factor for the game industry and offers more options to integrate the Google Chromecast into Apps. The Google Chrome cost about 39 €. We will inform you here about all Google Chromecast news.


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