Google Maps View saved offline maps - Tip

You can save Google Maps offline maps so that they can be used without an Internet connection. Saving an offline maps is very simple as we described in this article: Instructions to save offline maps in Google Maps app

If you now want to view a map stored in Google Maps, we want to show you here where to find it:

Open on your Android smartphone as First the Google Maps app. Tap now the top left icon with the three horizontal bars to open the menu. Then navigate to "Your  Places". If you now scroll a little way down, then you see the section "Offline maps" In this section is the button "View all and manage".

Tap on it and you now see all offline maps that you have downloaded within your Google Maps app. You will receive a additional informations for example when this card expires and how much space it needs on your smartphone.

You now know where you can view the stored maps in Google Maps on an Android smartphone.

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