Google Pixel Reset to Factory Defaults - Tutorial

Sometimes it is necessary to reset your Google Pixel smartphone to factory settings. The term to reset to factory or factory reset or hard reset describes the process by which all data on the device is deleted and the Android operating system is re-installed.

After this procedure, the smartphone is in the state of delivery. We show you here today two different methods, how one can perform on the Google pixel such a Hard Reset:

  1. Perform reset to factory settings in Android

To do this on your Google pixel proceed as follows. Open:

  • App Menu --> Settings --> Security and Reset

Now select "Reset to Factory Defaults". The wizard will guide you through the workspace and the Google Pixel will restart.

  1. Reset the Google Pixel with a key combination

Sometimes you may not be able to enter the Android operating system in your smartphone, so that a so-called hard reset by using keys is necessary. This is done on the Google Pixel as follows:

Turn the smartphone off completely and then reactivate it with the following buttons (simultaneously press):

  • Volume – Less
  • Power On/Off

A menu appears on the display. Use the volume key to select "Recovery". With the Power On/ Off button, the restoration mode is now started on the Google Pixel.

Once an Android male who is repaired appears, press and hold the Power On/ Off button and press once the Volume button.

You are now in the recovery menu. Here you can now select the following entry by using the volume buttons:

  • Wipe Data / Factory Reset

With the Power On/ Off button the reset on the Google Pixel can be started. The smartphone then restarts. Finished! You now know two different variants to reset your Google Pixel to factory settings.

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