Google Play services has stopped – What to do

It can happen to your Android smartphone that you will receive the following message:

"Google Play services has stopped"

Most of the time this problem occur when you try to change a setting within the Android operating system. We would like to give a few tips here that can fix it and thus these errors will no longer show up on your smartphone. Since the cause of "Google Play services has stopped" is not always clear for you have to try these tips sequentially. We hope that one of our workarounds also fixes your problem with "Google Play services has stopped"

Tip 1: Empty the Cache of the system app Google Play services

Navigate for example on a Samsung Galaxy S6 in the following submenu:

Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Application Manager --> tab "All"

Search here for the entry "Google Play services". Tap it once to display detailed information about this app on the screen of your smartphone. In this window, you will now find a button with "Clear Cache". Tap on the button, so that the cache is flushed. Then restart your Android smartphone.

Tip 2: Reset app preferences:

For this re-open: Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Application Manager --> tab "All"
Now tapat the top right on "More" and then in the small menu on the "Reset app preferences". Finished!

Now restart your Android smartphone so that the changes take effect.

Tip 3: Remove Google account and add it again

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the Android settings. Scroll down and then tap the button "Accounts". You will now see all the accounts that are created on your Samsung Galaxy S6. One of these is the Google Account. Tap on this and you go deeper in a submenu. You can tap now your e-mail address, and then in the next submenu on the top three-point symbol to the right.

A small pop-up opens, in which now "Remove account" can be selected. Confirm the deletion of the account by clicking OK. Finished!

Then replace the Google Account again on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Go to Settings --> Accounts and then "Add Account". Now select "Google Account '. It now opens the wizard to add the Google account. Enter your email address from Gmail and then continue. Your Google account will be created automatically.

Tip 4: Perform Wipe Cache Partition

As a last tip we want to recommend you the Wipe Cache Partition. This option clears the cache of your smartphone. This article describes the procedure by using the Samsung Galaxy S6. LINK

You have now learned various methods to fix the error "Google Play services has stopped ". Which tip has helped you? Tells us in the comments.

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