Google Play Store Download stuck and on hold in status bar

If you download an app from the Google Play Store, it can happen that the download is not completed and the download is permanently stuck in the status bar. In that case the download will not continue despite you have an active Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Is this also the case with you, then you can solve this problem as follows.

This situation is due to the limitation of the "Background data". If this option is enabled, then the downloadof an app from the Google Play Store stuck in the status bar and will not continue.

To remove the background data restriction it is necessary to change the setting in Android as follows:

Open the menu and then the settings. Select here now “data usage”. In the next menu you will find at the top right the three-point symbol. Tap on it and a small pop-up window will open. Tap here now on "Turn off restrict background data".

Subsequently, the background data is re-enabled and thusdownloads of the Google Play store can be continued as usual again.

You know now what to do if a download from the Google Play Store will not continue and remain unmoved in the status bar.

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