Google Play Store Error 497 - App could not be downloaded due to an error

The Google Play Store is one of the best app markets that exist for Android smartphones. No wonder, this market is already pre-installed on any smart phone with Android OS. Now it may be that the following error appears on the screen of your smartphone while you download an app via the Google Play Store:

"Error: Could not be downloaded due to an error (497)"

The number in parentheses indicates error code, in this case the 497. Unfortunately it is not precisely specified, what this error code means. However, we can help you with this error and by applying the following trick on your Android smartphone:

For this trick you have to navigate with your smatphone from the home screen into this submenu:

Menu -> Settings -> Application Manager

Change here to the tab "All" and then search for "Google Play store". When you found the entry, tap on it to view the information about the app. Now, type on the buttons in the following sequence:

     - Clear the cache
     - Delete data
     - Uninstall updates

Then switch off your smartphone and restart it again. If you now open the Google Play Store, the error 497 should no longer appear when you download an app. 

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