Google Play Store - Return purchased app back and get the refund

You can purchase apps for your Android smartphone in the Google Play Store. Similar to a real shop, there is of course also the possibility to return an app if you do not like it or if the app does not meet the expectations. However, in the Google Play Store terms are other than from a dealer. The return period of a purchased application from the Google Play Store is limited to 15 minutes and in some cases up to two hours. Perform within this period the process for reimbursement and you will get the money credited back for this app.

We will explain now how to return an app within the Google Play Store and how to perform the refund of the purchase price.

Open first the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone . Now open the navigation bar in the screen by swiping from the left edge of the display in the middle. Then select "My Apps" . Search for the app you want to return and refund. Tap on it and if you are within the return-on time, you can see a button with "Refund". Tap this button to start the refund process.

You now know how to return an app on the Android smartphone in the Google Play Store and thus gets credited back your money.

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