GoPro Hero 4 session can be purchased from now

GoPro is the leading manufacturer of small action cameras and has once again introduced a new camera: The GoPro Hero 4 Session

The GoPro Hero 4 session is considerably smaller compared to the other GoPro models. The small square cubes is even better to use in everyday life, especially when shooting videos and pictures in extreme sports. Because of its small size, the GoPro Hero4 session can be mounted almost anywhere. The technical specifications of the camera are impressive for this size:

  • Video capture up to 1440p30
    • 8 Megapixels / 10 fps series
    • Water-resistant to 10 meters
    • One-button control
    A demo video from GoPro Recorded with the Hero4 session can be found here: GoPro demo video with the Hero 4 Session

The new GoPro can be bought in the shops and at your local dealer since July 12. RRP is 400$

The GoPro Hero4 session, canalready be bought on Amazonand is shipped within a few days. Have fun with this new action camera, in case you buy one ;-)

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