Honor 9 Which SIM card do I need for the device?

The Honor 9 is another affordable mid-range smartphone with good and solid technology. In addition to the Kirin 960 eight-core processor there are 4GB RAM and 64GB memory on board.

If you have bought the Honor 9 and would like to know in advance which Sim card your smartphone needs, then you can find out here. The Honor 9 has a Sim card slot for one:

  • Nano Sim card

If you still have an old SIM card in the standard format or Micro Sim card format, then you have the following options:

  1. Sim card punch

With a Sim Card punch it is very easy to punch out the Nano Sim card for the Honor 9 from an existing standard or Micro Sim card. Such a punch you get, for example at the online retailer Amazon.

  1. Perforation

By means of a perforation, (if available), you can easily push out your sim card from the existing standard or micro Sim card. Most modern sim cards have such a perforation already integrated. It is also known as "Multi-Sim".

  1. Request Online

For an amount of 10 - 25 $, you can also request a new Nano Sim card online from your mobile service provider, usually via the Online Service Center.

You now know which Sim card the Honor 9 needs and how to best receive such a card.


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