How to activate Audi Launch Control - accelerate optimally

If you have an Audi, for example from the RS series, then you have the possibility to use the so-called Launch Control. In doing so, the speed in the stand is adjusted so that it is possible to accelerate optimally from 0 to 60 mph.

However, you must first activate the Launch Control before you can benefit from the optimal acceleration. How to do this with Audi and the RS models, we would like to describe you here:

Step 1: Instructions for activating the Launch Control for Audi vehicles

  1. Use the Audi Drive Select to set the setting to Dynamic or Individual
  2. Turn the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) off. Press the ESC button for 5 seconds
  3. Now set the automatic selector lever to Sport (S) - The Launch Control is activated

Step 2: Start the Launch Control

  1. Stay on the brake and then push the "throttle" - The torque display will increase to about 5000 RPM. Now you can release the brake - your Audi will be accelerated optimally from the stand.

You now know the procedure to carry out the launch control with an Audi, for example an RS model. Please bear in mind that the Launch Control puts enormous loads on the gearbox. For safety, do not carry these too often in succession, as this may cause technical damage.


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