How to disable iSwipe on my Android smartphone – fixed

If you use the "Clean master" app on your Android smartphone, then you will also have included the function "iSwipe" within it. This is usually active after the installation of the app and offers various shortcuts to apps.

If you no longer want to use this function, ie iSwipe, on the Android smartphone, then you now have the following options:

  1. Disable iSwipe in the settings of the app

First, open the "Clean master" app on your Android smartphone. Now navigate to:

  • Tools -> iSwipe or CM -> Settings -> iSwipe -> iSwipe Settings

Disable iSwipe via the slider

  1. Uninstall the Clean master app

If the app totally bothers you, then of course you can also delete the entire app. Please do the following:

Open the Google Play Store. Click on the Hamburger symbol in the upper left corner. Select "My Apps and Games".

Search here for "Clean master". Select the entry and then the button "Uninstall". Finished!

You now know how to disable iSwipe on an Android smartphone.


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