How to end active applications using Task Manager

If you have an app open in Android or iPhone and leave it with the Home button, this app stays in the "Active Applications". So it is possible that the app can be started quicker again. However, if you now want to close this app completely, you must use the Task Manager.

Here we explain how you can terminate your active applications on an Android smartphone or an iPhone or iPad:

Android smartphones and tablets:

The Task Manager is displayed on almost all models by means of a soft key on the lower edge of the display. Tap it and a list of all active apps appears. To end an app, wipe it to the right or left of the window.

iPhone and iPad

Press twice on the home button. This will now show the Task Manager in iOs. You can now end apps by wiping them up or down. Finished!

You now know how to terminate the active applications in Android and iOS using Task Manager.


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