How to rotate the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen - Solved

If you tilt the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the side, then you may be used to the fact that the display content also rotates. This is possible through the function "rotate screen", which detects the position of the smartphone by means of a position sensor and adjusts the screen content accordingly.

If this does not work on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you now have the following options to solve this:

  1. Adjust the status bar

To do this, pull the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from the top into the display with two fingers. Swipe to the right and check if a toggle with "Portrait" can be seen here.

This is the new name of the toggle when the Rotate Screen function is disabled. Here's a little digression on how to understand the logic behind this toggle:

  • When the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 turns automatically, you'll need to tap "Rotate Screen" to lock the screen in the status bar.
  • The other way around: When you see "Portrait."  then your screen is fixed. If you touch "Portrait", the screen automatically rotates while tilting the smartphone.

The quick start toggle in the status bar of your smartphone always shows the current state of the "Rotate screen" function. If you do not see the toggle, then tap the three dots in the top right corner and click "Button Layout" in the context menu.

Look in the gray area, if the toggle "Portrait" is stored here. If so, it simply shift it to the active area of ​​the status bar.

  1. Sensor defective? - How to test it

A defect of the position sensor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be possible and it must be tested. You have to navigate to the service menu of Samsung.

If you now see the different tiles of the service menu, then please tap on:

  • Sensor

Scrolls then a bit down until you see the entry "Gyroscope Sensor". Click here on "Graph". Now hold the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 right in front of you and turns the smartphone with the display always to you. The Z axis, ie the blue graph, should now deflect. If not, then the position sensor of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is defective. If the blue graph deflect, then your position sensor will work properly and we recommend running a wipe cache partition on the device.

  1. Wipe Cache partition to solve the problem

No data is lost and you do not have to re-set up the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. A wipe cache partition can be made on the Note 8 and as follows:

We hope these workarounds has resolved your problem with the Rotate Screen feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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