HTC One How to disable mailbox - Resolved

With most mobile phone contracts the voice mail is automatically activated. Would you not like to use it, then you must disable the mailbox. We would like to show you here how you can disable the mailbox and all cal-forwarding with the HTC One.

This usually works with so-called GSM codes. This means that you can disable your mailbox, etc. with these GSM codes, whether T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T. With the following GSM code you can deactivate the mailbox on your HTC One:

1. Open the phone app, and then the keypad. Type now this code: ##002#

2. Now press the "Call button" (green receiver).

3. The GSM code is sent to the network and the setting is activated.

In this case, all call-forwarding to the mailbox are deleted.


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