HTC One M9 Hard reset - Reset to factory settings

Sometimes it is necessary that you perform on your HTC One M9 a so-called factory reset, which resets the phone to factory settings. With a factory reset, all data and content that you have stored on the HTC One M9 will be deleted and the Android operating systemreinstalled. Such a factory reset is carried out generally in the following cases:

  • Problems with hardware or software
  • After a firmware update with version jump
  • Prior to the sale of your smartphone

A factory reset is therefore an important tool to “repair” the HTC One M9. How to conduct such a factory reset on the HTC One M9, we want to tell you now:
Before the reset is done, we recommend that you back up all the data. This includes for example:

  • Memos
  • Images
  • Music
  • SMS messages
  • etc.

Now we can start the factory reset:

Navigate from the Home screen of the HTC One M9 to:

Menu -->Backup & reset-->Reset phone

Now set a tick at the checkbox "Clear all data" and then confirm the factory reset with "OK". Your HTC One M9 will now perform the factory reset and erase all the data on your smartphone. Subsequently, the Android system is set up again and the smartphone gets restarted.
Congratulations, you have now successfully reset the HTC One M9 to factory settings.


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