HTC One M9 unlock developer options in Android - How it works

The HTC One M9 can be modified somewhat by the developer options in Android. How important these modifications for each of you are depends on your know-how about smartphones. The developer options, also known under the name of developer mode must be unlocked in any case in Android first, so that they can be used.

We show you now how to enable them on the HTC One M9.

Navigate from the Home screen on the HTC One M9 to:

Menu --> Settings --> Info --> Software Information --> More

You can find here the entry "build number". On this you must now tap in very quick succession several times until a message appears on the display with "developer options unlocked ". Finished!

Now you can find the developer options on the HTC One M9 at:

Menu --> Settings --> (right above the entry info)

You now know how to unlock on HTC One M9 the developer mode.


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