Huawei Mate S - Weigh objects with the display

The Huawei Mate S has the new technology Force Touch integrated into its display. Thus it is possible by various types of pressing to trigger different actions. So you can, for example call an additional menu by solid press on the screen, while you start by gently pressing another function. In addition to features such as these the Force touch screen is also suitable for weighing small objects.

The Huawei Mate S provides this function as First and advertises it with that slogan on his website:

"Weighing with a smartphone - weighing objects by putting it on the screen of the Huawei Mate S."

A new interesting way to use your smartphone. So new hardware technologies are usefully complemented by software.

“The software sells the hardware”. That's true certainly in the case of the Huawei Mate S with respect to the weighing function. The Huawei Mate S can already be ordered now and is certainly a nice alternative to Apple, Samsung and Co.


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