Huawei P10 Display the battery status in percent - solved

It is often very useful to recognize the remaining battery status of the smartphone, in our case of the Huawei P10 directly in the status bar.

On the Huawei P10, the display of the battery is not activated as a percentage from factory, but this can be easily done via the following settings menu:

To do this, please open the following submenu on your smartphone:

Quick variant:

Tap the phone manager and then the battery icon. Now activate the option "Remaining battery power in percent"

Extended version:

Open here: Settings --> Notification and status bar --> Accumulation in percent

You can now select as follows:

  • In addition to the symbol
  • In the symbol
  • Do not show

You know now that there are two variants of how you can display the percentage of the battery in the status bar on the Huawei P10.

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