Huawei P10 dropped into the water - first aid tips

Especially in summer, it can happen quickly: The Huawei P10 falls into the lake, in the sea or in the pool. A fall into the toilet is also not uncommon. Now, first of all, good advice is expensive, because the smartphone unfortunately has no IP68 certification, which means that water can relatively easily get to technical and electronic hardware components.

So that your Huawei P10 does not take permanent damage, we would like to explain to you here more detail how to proceed when the smartphone has come into contact with water:

First Aid Tips for the Huawei P10 in contact with water:

  1. Turn off your smartphone! Press Power On / Off button and let the device shut down. Thus, less voltage and current flows through the Huawei P10, which means that the risk of a short circuit is minimized by the water, which could damage the device.
  2. Dry the device carefully with a cloth, for example a towel. Move the device back and forth to reveal any ingress of water from the Huawei P10.
  3. Open Sim Card Tray so water can escape from the unit.
  4. For drying, place the unit either in an airy place with indirect sunlight or on low level heating.
  5. To remove the moisture from the Huawei P10 with speed, you can place the smartphone in a bowl of rice. Rice has the property of extracting water or moisture from its environment, which helps well with the water damage on the Huawei P10.
  6. Wait! Let the smartphone dry until you think there is no moisture in the device. That can take 1-7 days!

If you are convinced that the water or moisture has completely evaporated from the Huawei P10, then you can now turn on the device. For the first time, electricity is flowing through your smartphone. Now test all functions of your Huawei P10 for functionality.

We hope that these tips have helped you to avoid possible water damage and to keep your smartphone alive.

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