Huawei P10 Enable Call Waiting - Resolved

When "Call Waiting" is activated, the Huawei P10 will give you a short tone during a call indicating that another call is coming in. However, call waiting is not active by default with your mobile service provider. Our guide explains how to use the Huawei P10 to make call waiting active:

First, open the Phone app and within it, tap the three-dot icon on the menu. In the menu that opens, select "Settings" and there then "Additional Settings".

Now you will find the function "Call waiting" - Activate it. The network code will now be sent automatically from your Huawei P10 to your mobile service provider.

After that, call waiting is activated, and you will be informed of a new incoming call by a short tone during a call. You now know how to activate call waiting on the Huawei P10.


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