Huawei P10 Enabling developer options - solved

The developer options enable you to enable USB debugging on the Huawei P10, which helps you connect to your PC or laptop. The developer options are not active in Android. Therefore we show here step-by-step how to activate it. Please follow the instructions below:

The developer mode on the Huawei P10 can be set in the following submenu to the Android system settings:

  • Homescreen -> Settings -> About the phone

Here is now a menu entry with "Build number". To activate the developer options, press this entry several times quickly.

After approximately seven times, you will be shown at the bottom of the display that you can now work as a "developer". The developer options themselves are now found in the Android system settings at the very bottom.

You are now familiar with the procedure to unlock the developer options on the Huawei P10. In these, you will also find USB debugging.


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