Huawei P10 GSM Set network mode manually

Sometimes you get with your Huawei P10 in an area, which is only poorly furnished by mobile radio antennas and therefore the reception quality in part rapidly suffers. Just then you can usually make a better connection by activating the GSM mode. The GSM network is the best developed network so far.

By switching to the GSM network, the performance is often better than a weak UMTS or LTE network. Often, however, the Huawei P10 nevertheless remains in these networks, which can then lead to bad connection quality in general (Internet / telephone).

To manually enable the GSM mode on the Huawei P10, follow these steps within the Android operating system:

  1. From the Smartphone start screen, open the settings
  2. Tap “More”, then click Mobile Networks.
  3. Select "Preferred Networks" and the following options will appear:
  • LTE / 3G / 2G (automatically connect)
  • 3G / 2G (automatically connect)
  • Only 3G
  • Only 2G
  1. Select "2G only". Finished!

From now on you are permanently in the GSM network. The connection speed of the mobile Internet is thereby less, the voice quality with a telephone call however should now be a lot better. You now know the procedure to change the network mode on the Huawei P10.

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