Huawei P10 How to Disable auto correction

When you write text with the Huawei P10, a spell checker will automatically be used. This is the so-called auto-correction. Unfortunately, this spell checker often incorrectly corrects words, which of course leads to a strange written text.

For this reason, we would like to explain here how to disable the auto corrector on the Huawei P10. This works as follows:

  1. Open an app that displays the keyboard:
  2. For example, the Message app
  3. Next to the space bar on the keyboard, you'll see a microphone icon - long press on it A menu will appear - select the gear icon for the settings
  4. You see now "Smart Typing" - select "text recognition" and then disable this option

You now know the procedure to turn off the auto-correction on the Huawei P10.


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