Huawei P10 How to disable Mailbox - Instructions

If you have activated a voice mailbox in your mobile phone and you want to disable the mailbox, please follow these instructions on the Huawei P10. This can be done simply as follows:

Deactivating the mailbox via the Android system

  1. Open the phone app from the home screen, and use the icon with the three bars to select Settings
  2. Select "Call forwarding", and then deactivate the following forwarding:
  • Forwarding if busy
  • Forwarding if no response
  • Forwarding if not available

Switching off mailbox using network code

Even faster than the above procedure, this works via a network code.

  • Open the phone app and the keypad is displayed.
  • Enter the following code: ## 002 #

Press the green handset to send the network code.

This will also deactivate all call diversions. You now know the procedure to switch off the mailbox on the Huawei P10.

If you receive a call from now on, the Huawei P10 will ring until the caller hangs up or you answer the call.

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