Huawei P10 Key Icon in the Status Bar - Meaning

There are many different icons on the Huawei P10 that may appear in the status bar. Many of them are already known or self-explanatory. However, there are always symbols that you may have never seen before.

This may include the key icon in the status bar. If you do not know what this is, then we would like to explain to you in this article what this is about:

The key symbol on the Huawei P10 stands for an active VPN connection. This means that you are connected to a VPN, a Virtual Private Network. Such networks are often used by universities and businesses to access internal areas.

To disable a VPN, please navigate to your Huawei P10:

  • Settings -> More -> VPN

Disable or delete the VPN to make the key icon in the status bar disappear. Finished!

You now know what the Huawei P10 has the key symbol for and how to hide it from the status bar.

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