Huawei P10 Moving App to Memory Card – Resolved

The Huawei P10 gives you the ability to plug in a memory card for extra storage. Here it would be a pity, if you cannot outsource apps to this external memory. In advance: Unfortunately, this is only partially possible.

In our tutorial you will show how to outsource data on the Huawei P10 App to the Micro SD memory card:

  1. To do this, first open the App menu and from there the settings
  2. Next, select "Apps" and then search in the list for the app, which should be outsourced to the memory card
  3. Tap the app and then select in the app info "storage"
  4. You now see the current location "internal memory" -> Tip the button "Change" and switch to "SD card"
  5. Confirm moving the app data from the internal memory to the SD card. Finished!

You've now learned how to easily move an app to the Micro SD memory card on the Huawei P10. We hope that the topic is solved for you and you have fun with this great smartphone.

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