Huawei P10 Screenshot - Simple Method

The screenshot function on the Huawei P10 helps you to "capture" the content of the display. That is why this process is also called screen print or hardcopy. You can create a screenshot on the Huawei P10 in various ways.

The simplest method, however, is to trigger the screenshot by using a key combination. This works as follows:

Huawei P10 Screenshot Function - The key combination

  1. On the Huawei P10, let the display show what you would like to store in a screenshot.
  2. Press the following two buttons on the Huawei P10 for approx. 2 seconds:
  • Power Button
  • Volume Down
  1. The screenshot is then triggered and saved. The screenshot is stored in the internal device memory. For example, you can access it using a gallery app, such as Google Photos or QuickPic.

You now know how to use a key combination to trigger a screenshot on the Huawei P10.


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