Huawei P10 VoLTE Making Calls - Solved

Many mobile service providers offer you the ability to make calls over the LTE network. If a corresponding option is booked, then you only have to activate the function within the Android settings of the Huawei P10.

How to do this is explained in the following instructions:

  1. You must first activate the 4G Internet connection (mobile Internet)
  2. Then open the Android settings and navigate there to the entry "More"
  3. Continues on "Mobile network" - Here you now see the option "VoLTE calls" - Activate these

You can then use the Huawei P10 to easily make calls over the 4G Internet connection, ie via LTE. The voice quality should be many times better than it is the case with 2G and 3G.

You now know the procedure to enable VoLTE on the Huawei P10. Please keep in mind that some providers require an additional activation, even though the tariff is already booked.

At T-Mobile, for example, this is currently still the case.

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